And I thought I lived in a pig sty

From the Daily Mail comes the story of 73 year old Merv Jones with a little housecleaning problem – the fact that he hasn’t done any for decades:

Every room in the terraced house was filled from floor to ceiling with mouldering junk. It was even piled up in the hall. Both front and back gardens were also a mess.

After years of complaints from neighbours, council officials finally moved in to empty the building in Grimsby, filling skip after skip.

It took them three weeks to clear the place out. The article states that he had 100 tons of bric-a-brac and junk jammed into his three story dwelling, which is now boarded up. Neighbours wonder how in the hell he lived in there. Between the rats and pigeons and dog skeletons..

Said Jones, “I wanted to clear it myself. I was trying to get it done.”

Compulsion disorders like this are hell to deal with. My folks have helped a relative clean her trash heap of a house twice already (with neighbours recruited to assist) and it never takes long before she has it looking worse than it was before they cleaned. She’s not as bad as this guy, though, thank the maker of quality cleaning products. But, there was no way she’d ever get it done by herself. She wouldn’t have known where to start. It’s not a case of hoarding with her – she doesn’t have that much stuff. What she does have is an incurable cat fixation and an apathy in regards to cleaning up after them. She lived for months with a large tear in her screen door and cats from all over the village would hop in and out at will. They had another way into her house, too, that led into the dirt basement. Enjoy that visual.

At least she doesn’t have 130 of them. Imagine that kind of mess to deal with on a daily basis.

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