Another case of child abuse at the hands of a priest

This time it’s in Switzerland.

Swiss officials said Monday they have evidence that a Roman Catholic priest sexually abused two dozen boys in France and Switzerland over a 35-year period.

The priest has admitted committing some sex acts on children between the ages of 9 and 14, two of whom had disabilities, said investigating magistrate Yvonne Gendre.

However, the 68-year-old priest, who was not named because of privacy laws, has denied accusations that he molested two children who subsequently committed suicide, Gendre told reporters in the western Swiss city of Fribourg.

Time has run out on most of the accusations to actually charge him with much, unfortunately.

Is it shame that keeps kids from reporting abuse or because they’re afraid they’ll get in trouble if they tell? I can’t imagine what it must be like for victims of sexual abuse, especially the ones who remain silent. It must affect all aspects of their lives. How do you recover your dignity? How do you move forward when you’ve been violated by someone you thought you could trust?

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