Pestering public schools to proselytize in Pennsylvania

The alliteration was unavoidable. Honest.

Child Evangelism Fellowship is going to court over the rights to distribute flyers about their Christian youth clubs in Havertown Township schools.

Non-religious organizations, according to an ADF press release, are able to send home with children flyers informing students and their families about local activities and meetings. Bollinger was asked what types of organizations qualify. “Cub Scouts, YMCA, neighborhood associations — but school district officials repeatedly denied Child Evangelism Fellowship of Pennsylvania access to this program,” he adds.

The attorney says school officials gave familiar excuses. According to Bollinger, “they cited the religious nature of the flyers and the so-called ‘separation of church and state'” — an argument he deems unconstitutional.

Bollinger will contend in court that school officials’ actions represent viewpoint discrimination, and he notes there are numerous federal court decisions to back up the claim. “The courts have repeatedly ruled that government schools cannot treat people with non-religious viewpoints more favorable than [they do] people with religious viewpoints,” Bollinger concludes.

They’d gone to court over Milford Central School in New York. School officials there decided they weren’t following the rules for club use of the school. It wasn’t because they were a Christian group but because they were a Christian group intent on making more Christians. Appeals went back and forth and it looked like Milford would come out ahead. Unfortunately, the final result went the other way (6 votes to 3), that Milford had discriminated against the group. This “success” has allowed other religious groups to take advantage and push their religious views deeper into the secular sphere.

So, what exactly does the Fellowship offer?

Our mission is to evangelize unchurched children around the world. We do more of this than anyone else. We work in some very poor countries where children have many needs. We are most supportive of those who supply such things as food, clothing or medical needs. This is a wonderful thing for them to do but CEF® can’t do it. God has called us to stay “on point” and meet the spiritual needs of these precious boys and girls. It is our mission.

Their Good News Club teaches all the bad little boys and girls in public school how to be good little Christians and say no to sin!

The saved child will know how to feed the new self daily so he can say no to sin. Truths are illustrated through short vignettes featuring two fictional characters, Jimarcus and Kenzi.

Sounds like Chick Tracts for Kids. The participants are also rewarded with treats if they parrot bible verses.

Ugh is pretty much all I can say. In fact, I’ll say it again. Ugh.

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