Where does Bigfoot go on holiday?


The rest of the time, who knows where he hangs his giant hat? What does appear to be known is when the name for Big Foot occurred – 1958.

Born in the pages of the Humboldt Times by columnist Andrew Genzoli, the word Bigfoot was to become the new operating title for the hairy beast of lore.

In Bluff Creek off the Klamath River this month in 1958, Jerry Crew and his road construction crew found tracks of a Sasquatch, the story goes. Crew made a plaster cast of the impressions, and brought them into the Times on Oct. 4.

Genzoli recorded that the men called the creature Big Foot.

”There is a mystery in the mountains of northeastern Humboldt County, waiting for a solution … Who is making the huge 16-inch tracks in the vicinity of Bluff Creek?” Genzoli wrote in the front page story below a classic photo of Crew with a plaster cast of the big foot. “Are the tracks a human hoax? Or, are they actual marks of a huge but harmless wild-man, traveling through the wilderness? Can this be some legendary sized animal?”

I’ll bet this list doesn’t even include every book ever published about hairy ape men.

This other site declares every scrap of myth about the sasquatch is absolute truth.

Including the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film.

More about sasquatches can be found at wisegeek.com.

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