People see what they want to see – Jesus in the clouds, for example

“Unbelievable!” says the voice in the video. Yes, it certainly is unbelievable that anyone would stare at a cloud and start filming because he thought he saw Jesus.

But, some good news that they aren’t all dummies “down under” —

Eagle Vale Anglican Church minister, the Reverend Craig Hooper, told our sister paper the Macarthur Chronicle he was keeping an open mind about the cloud.

“There’s nothing to say that it couldn’t have been the face of Jesus in the cloud but we don’t really know what he looked like because there were no photos when he walked the earth 2000 years ago,” he said.

Attaboy. We don’t. Just because that’s the image this guy wants to see when he looks at that pattern of clouds, that doesn’t make it the real thing, if ever there was a real thing.

The article also mentions,

Interest in Raby’s holy cloud follows similar incidents like the toasted cheese sandwich which sold on eBay for US$28,000 in 2004.

A Florida woman believed she saw the face of the Virgin Mary burned into the sandwich and claimed it had not developed mould in the 10 years – leading up to the online auction which attracted more than 1.7 million hits.

Bread won’t mold unless it’s damp. The toasting process evaporates all the moisture. If you box it up for display for ten years where it’s going to remain dry, of course you won’t get any mold on it. Stupid woman. I wonder how much the casino that purchased it managed to raise for charity afterward. How much would it have sold for if she’d claimed it looked like Bette Davis? I think it looks like Bette Davis.

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