Ganesh, the new god of gardening?

I love the stories of people seeing things in things so it’s a nice switch to have a story not based on Catholic delusions. This time it’s a Hindu man’s fervent belief that Ganesh has healed him, thanks to the god’s appearance as an amaranth plant:

Lal believes the flower’s position – growing through concrete, facing a garage he converted to a prayer space – is evidence of a connection to Ganesh, revered as the Remover of Obstacles.

A manager at a Manhattan uniform company, Lal hurt his back lifting a box and was in pain for 3-1/2 months – but no more.

“I felt that healing power that came with it,” he said. “I’ve lived a religious life all my life. I feel my prayers have been answered through the deities.”

Friends and neighbors have already streamed to his 90th Ave. home to see the flower, and Lal said he’d welcome pilgrimages by Hindu faithful.

He knows some people will be skeptical and insisted he did nothing to sculpt the flower.

Heimerle said that wouldn’t be possible anyway, because the plant is too fragile.

“Nature is a strange thing, and it’s possible it may have just done that spontaneously, but who’s to say,” Heimerle said.

Who’s to say, indeed.

(H/T to Friendly Atheist for the story)

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