Eek! Witches! Evil witches!

At the end of August I wrote about churches blaming the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for why girls were leaving the church in droves. Now, from, a new favourite source for the wacky:

When you are growing up going through that adolescent stage you just want to be able to have more control and power over your own life,” the author says. “Wicca offers that in a sense. It makes you believe that. Some of these books like, Teen Witch for instance, list spells that you can do to try to control your parents. Or there’s one called the crabby teacher spell where if you have a mean teacher, you can try to put a spell on her to make her be nicer to you. So it makes them believe that they can have power over the people who are actually in power over them.”

Wicca also tends to be very accepting of alternative lifestyles such as homosexuality.

Oh gods, quick, burn some grimoires! They accept the gay! Eek! It’s worse than I thought!

First off, before anyone freaks out about spells, maybe a group of science-types ought to run some studies to find out whether or not spells work. I’m inclined to doubt their potency, frankly. I don’t think wiccans today really influence the universe any more than those who practice the Law of Attraction can.

I think what this winds up being about is girls desperate to forge their own identities independent of their parents – a drive to be unique, just like everybody else they know. It’s a fad and the more panicked parents get over it, the more teenaged girls will look into it as a method of rebellion. Kids what to feel like they have some control over what happens in their lives, don’t they?

Of course, that’s just my opinion. I suppose if my nose falls off now, it’ll be solid proof that I’m wrong…

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