Now yoga is evil?

Yoga at school causes stress among some” superstitious bible-thumpers who are afraid their kids might learn about Hinduism. A change of belief-venue might be too tempting for their little Christian snowflakes.

The program does not have ulterior motives, Julie Reagan, Massena Board of Education president, said Thursday.

“If the school board felt there was any hidden religious activity behind the motives of our two instructors, we certainly wouldn’t allow that,” she said. “There is absolutely none of that. The teachers are well intended and trying to offer an aspect of fitness in the classroom that relaxes and readies the children for better learning.”

A hundred schools in 26 states use yoga in the classroom to relieve stress, Reagan said. Federal funds and grants are available to educators seeking yoga certification, she said.

For Hindus, yoga is a physical extension of their faith. For anyone else, it’s healthy, calming exercise. And, contrary to this laughable site, it isn’t helping demons enter the body.

If the situation is stressful for the kids, it’s because the parents have made it stressful by getting their knickers in a knot with their false assumptions. It’s only yoga. It’s not like the teacher’s bringing out the Kama Sutra, for fuck’s sake.

Speaking of, I find it fascinating that while peasants and slaves across the middle east were running around in fear or awe over their giant, jealous, and overly-violent god-being against everything that might be fun, over in India, Vatsyayana was busy penning that scholarly work on the merits of sexual positions for a healthy, vibrant life. I love that even the architecture of the time reflects their approach to sexuality, so radically different from western thought. People might not realize, though, that sex isn’t the only thing that book is about. Fascinating stuff.

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