Shell shock of another kind.

This is not a well written piece of journalism. It’s the written word form of a 5 second sound bite, which is what it might have been. It looks like WESH is a television station in Orlando, Florida and affiliated with NBC.

An Orlando woman claims she has found Jesus and Mary on some shells.

She was on the beach, found an open shell that looked like it had Jesus inside and a little later found one that looked like it had Mary and and Baby Jesus. She also says that she’s had nothing but good luck since finding them.

No pictures of the shells or the woman.
The author of the piece isn’t named.
The woman isn’t named.

Is this what passes for journalism now? I could do this. I could ask a random person on the street if anything happened to her this week and then roll with it. Who cares if it has the interest level of navel lint? Who cares if I don’t provide any proof of picture or name of person to verify and validate what I’ve written? Hell, I could just pull a story out of my ass and it could wind up as a FARK headline, too, which is the place I found this story.

Ah, right, I forgot Drew’s motto: “It’s not news, it’s FARK.” It’s crap that passes itself off as serious broadcasting and FARK celebrates that type of thing. FARK exists because of that type of thing. It’s perfectly reasonable to find it on FARK.

It’s perfectly unreasonable for it to have been published in the first place. If is a serious news source, stories like this shouldn’t be ranking third in the headlines, above “Are you an undecided voter?”

Actually, that one isn’t news either; they’re looking for people who can’t make up their minds and want to ask why. I guess it has the potential to be hard-hitting journalism but I don’t think their survey of average American voters will roust out anything that hasn’t been said elsewhere for the past, what, year and a half?

All in all, that was very disappointing.

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