Barking up the wrong tree, in my opinion

It was after work and Moreau had just opened a beer in the backyard of his Danforth and Birchmount Rds.-area home when he noticed the familiar image of the Virgin, her arms outstretched, in his neighbour’s tree.

“I’m not a wacko,” Moreau said yesterday, adding he was stone-cold sober.

“Neighbours amazed by likeness of Virgin in a tree”

I thought it was only ignorant Americans who fell for this kind of hoohaa.

But, I like how Moreau insists he was sober.

If the man really doesn’t want a lot of gawkers, why the fuck would he mention his delusion to the media? And, why think a made-up image in a tree could cure someone? There is no real cure for stupid. All you can hope to do is contain it.

A bigger question to ask might be, why does the media report this kind of thing? Rorschach would die laughing if he weren’t dead already. The things people can convince themselves into believing is quite extraordinary.

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