Instead of doing something useful…

October 22, 2011

I find this:

funny pictures history - Keep Your Minions Away From My Children!
see more Historic LOL

It’s already October 21st in Australia

October 20, 2011

No end of the world events have been reported over there yet. Australia is stepping up support for Libya as it experiences the end of tyranny, but no end of the world.

Relief all around, then. And perhaps a lager.

I’d do better if I studied

October 20, 2011

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

Created by OnePlusYou – Free Dating Sites

I found the link on an old blog I haven’t used since 2007 and then I scored a C.

And thankfully you don’t have to sign up with the free date thing in order to get your test score.

The One Minion Search Party – annual Zeus update edition

October 19, 2011

I’m actually a month late doing this. Here’s last year’s search stats:

george washington zeus 43
zeus is satan 42
zeus satan 41
is zeus satan 33
george washington zeus statue 32
zeus lucifer 6
artemisium zeus 22
zeus from sea of care sculpture 4
george washington zeus hand 3
zeus of artemisium devouring his son 1
zeus cartoon thunderbolt 1
is zues a fallen angel 1

Zeus searches as counted between October 19, 2010 and yesterday:

zeus is satan 44
zeus lucifer 29
zeus and satan 23
is zeus satan 23
statue of zeus 12
zeus pose 11
zeus statue 11
zeus is lucifer 11
zeus and lucifer 10
merciful zeus 10
zeus thunderbolt symbol 7
zeus nephilim 7
zeus was satan 7
zeus’s master bolt 7
statue de zeus 6
zeus lightning bolt statue 6
satan and zeus 6
is zeus lucifer 5
the statue of zeus 5
artemisium zeus 5
lucifer zeus 4
is zeus satan? 4
zeus back arm throwing thunderbolt(extended) front arm poised 4
zues is satan 4
satan is zeus 4
nephilim zeus 3
zeus throwing a lightning bolt 3

And if there were any that scored only 1 or 2 hits, they don’t show. Sorry. Can certainly see where the interest lies, though. A lot more about connections to Satan than artwork. Someone’s got their propaganda engine running pretty smoothly. Poor Zeus.

Other notable searches:

things that rhyme with Jesus (217, counting all variations of phrase and spellings of “rhyme”)
Helen Keller and satanism (186)
Chinese baby and/or hamburger, not counting A&W baby burgers (141)

And my personal favourite, the one that makes me wish I had a turn table and a method of recording my skippy copy for Youtube — “Quackamoobacluckaphobia” garnered 18 hits. I think that’s a record. Plus, I’m still the only person Google knows that knows that song. How awesome is that?

Finally a reason to re-string my guitar

October 18, 2011

It was a Christmas gift when I was a teenager. I dimly recall being asked by my parents if I wanted a camera or a guitar that year and I’m pretty sure I said camera, but what’s Christmas without a surprise under the tree, right? It did get some play but it’s spent far more of its life under beds and in closets. I’m not a performer by nature; I’m far more into being behind the scenes away from prying eyes. Like blogging under a pseudonym wasn’t a big enough clue…

Anyway, the Man’s been gainfully employed in the apartment clean-out business for the past few years but it’s less cash profitable and more a pack-rat’s dream job. Once in a while he’s managed to snatch up some terrific stuff that was deliberately left behind by fly-by-nights or others who had reasons not to take things with them when they go.

Like this marvelous guitar pick he gave me the other night.

Doesn’t this pick just cry out for use on songs like this one:

(and more possibilities here)

More church sign win

October 15, 2011

I’ll be sorry when winter strikes. There’s a church I pass every time I walk to my closest library and they have a portable sign display on their lawn that gets removed once snow is imminent. Once again I call on Church Sign Maker so I can duplicate this week’s clever advertising:

Pardon me while I note the irony of adding to road distraction by posting pithy signage so close to a busy street lined with schools using letters that are too small to read easily or fast while passing…

Turkey time in Dial-Up Land

October 6, 2011

like every other year
I take a little holiday–
fill up on family cheer.

The weather will be fine
the food will be divine
and posts will soon resume –
don’t fear!


Yet another entertaining church sign

October 1, 2011

Seriously, if these things really worked, this is the church I’d spend Sunday mornings in.

Hilarious! Encore! Encore!!

Was reminded last night..

September 28, 2011

about Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I hadn’t forgotten it existed, but it had been a while since I checked out the site. Today’s comic had me snickering pretty hard, I must admit:

And while hunting around for another comic strip I vaguely recalled but can’t remember the name of, I landed on Ape, Not Monkey, a science vs religion strip that’s also entertaining. I like this one:

Happy Wednesday.

Your favourite Minion gets email

September 27, 2011

and it looks like this:

Dear Opinion Minion -

Hello form a fellwo Canaidan. I thought you might like my new ebook, “How to Talk to Your New Age Relative”. It’s pretty straight up – some funny bits but essentially full of practical advice!

Kind regards,


Dear Hoagy;

Thanks for the book suggestion. I hope your spell checker worked better for that than it did for your email.



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