Fun gay marriage campaign to blog about

I’m playing copycat, but for good reason. I saw a post at Lousy Canuck that was a copy job from fellow blogger George at Misplaced Grace. He’s plugging an awesome awareness campaign running in Toronto right now. Heterosexuals for Same Sex Equality is asking married folks to take pictures of themselves with a sign that reads “Gay marriage doesn’t threaten our marriage.” Include a link to on the sign and upload the result to that page so you can join others in making a very visble point to people who think gay marriage is somehow a threat to civilization. What a loony notion.

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  2. Learning away the bigoted leanings …

    Over the years, I’ve observed that, regardless of nationality or ethnicity, a person’s level of formal education tends to proportionally reflect his/her capacity for racial harmony and the resultant peace with oneself.
    (Although, obviously there are notable exceptions worldwide: For example, one very close relation of mine was left a despondent little girl after being forced out from Grade 3 in WWII eastern Europe to assist her single-parent mother in physically busting her hump on the farm, and this girl didn’t at all turn out to be a bigoted or xenophobic person; quite the contrary, in fact.)
    Yes, unfortunately a person’s past rearing environment significantly involving a vilely racist parent or guardian filling the child’s mind with racial bigotry can act as a formidable hindrance to such desirable racial harmony. However, along with (especially higher) education, overtime the seed of tolerance can spawn and grow large to reason one’s twisted thinking away from childhood-ingrained racist sentiment.
    Furthermore, not readily known by the general populace is that not only does such education fill the mind with knowledge, it also notably contributes to the development of the brain’s ‘hardwiring’ thus enabling greater cerebral function potential.
    To advance Mandela’s legacy, the ultimate goal of humanity’s evolution into a world free of racism, I’m convinced that foremost there needs to be universal access to education – ideally, of course, on a global scale.
    All of humankind’s minds need to and should be filled with significant knowledge before they’re tragically filled and thus corrupted with racially disharmonious, humankind disintegrating poison.

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